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Acupuncture treatments in Surrey

We have a well equipped centre designed for the purpose of treating people on site whenever possible. We have a traction machine and ultra sound, as well as other equipment to help with the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions.

We also offer dry needling/western acupuncture. This is similar to acupuncture but is based on western medical knowledge and targets, directly, areas causing pain and discomfort rather than energy channels.

We can help you with:

- Back pain

- Neck pain

- Muscle and joint problems

- Sports injuries

- Pregnancy care

- General health

- Rehabilitation programmes

- Dry needling/Medical acupuncture

- Nutritional advice

- X-rays and MRI scans

- Advice from physiotherapists and GPs

What to expect

Following a chiropractic treatment you may well feel an intensifying or decrease in the problem area. In both cases this is a normal reaction although we do encourage you to give as much feedback as possible.


You may also hear a popping sound under treatment which is just the pressure in your joints readjusting and does not cause any harm or pain.

To benefit from a chiropractic treatment in the Surrey area, call us today on

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